Bubble Shooter Review

Whenever we discover a new bubble game that lives up to our standards, we go ahead and include it in our website. Our latest addition is called Bubble Blobs, a fairly colorful game with well over 50 levels which can be played on the map. The graphics are paint-themed and pretty sweet and the level difficulty increases with each level of the game.

Bubble Spinner is another very popular game, a true Bubbleshooter classic that been frequently played for a long time. It features a bubble field that revolves as you shoot at the bubbles giving it an entirely new dimension.

Bubble Hit is popular game, particularly in offices since it offers a relaxed gaming experience.

Gameplay for Bubble Shooter

You can play Bubble shooter online completely free with no sign-up required. Pop as many bubbles as you can with each shot to score extra points. To win, you need to have shot all the bubbles.

The main objective of the game is to score as many points as you can, and that means popping the colored bubbles. Set rows of 3 bubbles of the same color to make them pop. The controls are simple enough, move the mouse left or right to take aim and click to shoot what comes in your direction.

The most popular version of Bubbleshooter is still the original which is still available. The playing field consists of blue, light blue, green, yellow and red bubbles. Since its release, it has inspired hundreds of clones. But none of them are quite like the original.

Tips for Playing

There are no specific time limits to be concerned about so you can select whatever bubbles you want to pop in your own time.
You can spot the next bubble to shoot from the left
Manipulate the borders and get your bubbles to bounce off them and reach tough spots
The game will be over as soon as any of the rows touch the ground
The game will also end when the bubbles hit the bottom or if you manage to shoot all of them

Bubble Shooter Video

The Bubble Shoot video depicts the actual gameplay so you can watch it and find out how far you can make it in the game. The key is to get together groups of bubbles. Shooting just three at a time will not take you right to the end.

Other Games

Visit our website to find more Bubble Shooter games. (www.bubbleshooter.net) You can check out either the top categories or the sidebar on the left. We constantly browse through the web in search of the best and latest games to present to our viewers. Whenever a new bubble shooter game comes up on our search, they are promptly added to our website. But of course, they also have a certain standard to fulfill beforehand. Be sure to try Bubbles Extreme and Puzzle Bobble, two classics that anyone can enjoy. Puzzle Bobble is the original while Bubbles Extreme is a more extreme version.


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