Sega Genesis Emulations

This Sega Genesis emulator is really easy to install.
Altered Beast is one of its classic games. Anyone remember playing it?

I am talking about early late 80s and early 90s when I first saw the arcade game at the local pizza place. yes, quite long ago. and this was before Sega Genesis had been released in the U.S.

No way, I could not even get trough the first stage, back then, boy did I suck, I remember getting to the first bald guy who then transforms into a head throwing monster.

Before fighting the boss at every stage, you need to get the 3 power ups. the third one being the one that lets you transform into a human beast (altered beast). In all there are 4 types: the wolf, dragon, bear, and tiger.

To see the ending you need to get through 5 stages, when the final boss is beating you rescue the girl who was captive somehow, and I believe she is the daughter of the dude who gives you mission in the first place.


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