PSP Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes (Review)

From the past we now look into the future of the gaming world, this is for all Naruto's fans. I was able to play this game out from the memory card of my PSP. In this case I chose Sakura Haruno as my fighter.

This game falls in the 2d fighting game genre and it really stands out when it comes to graphics and cell shaded models are nicely detailed. I do enjoy playing this game, especially because you really have to act fast as the action is quick and need to keep alert of your opponent.

The fighting is great, and the controls make it easy to do an air combo attack. While in combat you will come across items that will help you get the victory, some of these are: invisible potion, special ninja stars etc.

I'd say the only downfall for this game was the zoom out feature, and it is really annoying when sometimes the computer opponent wants to keep away from you avoiding the fight.


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