PSP: Chameleon (Review) PSP Gameplay

This is a short game, left me empty and wishing for more. It was really fun for an hour or so, but got very dull and run out of fun very fast.

There are not a lot of characters to choose from. You play with the default computer, or could play with another player via ad hoc. Each character has a special move of their own that helps them out in wining the game. The main goal for the game is to accumulate more spaces than your opponent. Taking turns you chose a color which is next to you, the chosen color is now your space. Choose a color wisely, because some that are next together are chained of the same color. You would want to go for the chained color spaces to get the win.

Very interesting game, and not taking that from it, but the mayor downfall is the lack of characters and stages and so makes it boring after you play it twice or even three times. Overall I give this game a 4 out of 10 ranking. 10 being the best!


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