PSP: Everybody's Golf 2 (Review)

I am not really into golf; in fact I find it boring and dull to watch on TV. Curiosity got the best of me and decided to find out for myself if this game was at least one inch interesting. I am really surprised that I got addicted to this game. The fun factor is up there with the best selling PSP sport games out there.

I love the cute chibi characters, and beautiful scenery on some golf courses. I would say that this game is based mostly on skill rather than on luck. You really have to take in consideration your aiming, the wind factor, and terrain to make a good play.

As you keep winning tournaments, and one-on-one matches, you will get extra accessories for your character, your rank goes higher, and unlock new characters. Like in almost all games, it starts pretty easy, but then it gets really hard on some courses and you can’t really afford making many mistakes, by landing the golf ball in the pond for example. That is a mayor oh! No!!


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