PSP Emulations: SVC Chaos (Review)

SVC Chaos Stands for SNK VS CAPCOM Chaos. It is a 2d fighting game in which the best or some selected fighters from the world of SNK go against the best of Capcom fighters. The fighters were selected from many previous fighting games. For example, King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Dark Stalkers, Samurai Showdown and more. 12 SNK selectable characters plus 12 Capcom characters + hidden characters make it as the title suggests: a chaos!! haha

Really the 2 powerhouses, who have given us great games in the fighting genre, collide here and we see who really dominates in the fighting game world. This has been a long released title, and I know, because I remember playing this at the local arcade maybe more than 5 years ago.

Now with the convenience of the PSP NEO GEO emulation, I can play it anytime I want, and practice my moves. I need all the training I could get so I can finally beat the last boss of the game. Which can be 2, either Mr. Karate From SNK (which is that guy with the stupid long nose mask) or Akuma From Street Fighter.

You’ll have fun playing this on your PSP, I guarantee it!!


  1. actually those are the final bosses if you don't fuffile special requirements, You occasionally will fight the devil thing or the goddess athena if you pull off certain requirements

  2. could share the rom and the cache? I can't find ones that work