PSP Emulations: Bust-A-Move (Review)

Probably the greatest puzzle game preferred by many, especially women and don’t ask me why, because I don’t have the answer for that. I have been carrying this game on my PSP SNES Emulator, and the women in my life ask me for it, so they can play it.

Bust-a-Move from Taito is a great entertaining puzzle game. The controls are very simple, and so just about anyone, and even a 6 year old can understand the concept, but there is also strategy and aiming that comes into play.

The goal of the game is to launch the different color balloons to their perspective color. At least 3 are required to make them fall off from the screen. The screen shrinks from the top and so the balloons will drop down after a certain period of time. If the balloons reach the bottom of the screen because you failed to make the balloons fall off, it will be game over. In case you successfully clear the screen of balloons, you will have won and will go to the next stage. There are a total of 100 stages available on 1P Play mode.

This game will totally entertain you. I do recommend it much. It is fun puzzle game for me, and have no complaints on my part. Enjoy!


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