PSP: Spelling Challenges And More (Review)

Who says you can’t play PSP and not learn how to spell? Spelling Challenges And More proves that it is possible; much like Alpha-Bits cereal teaches how spell while you eat, ha!

Educational games like this are rare; it is different from the rest of the violent action, puzzle, sports, fighting, and role playing games. That is what makes it good and entertaining.

As of the level of difficulty, I haven’t played it much, but I am at level 28. There are 100 levels in all. I don’t consider myself a good speller, and missed some words that are relatively easy sometimes (as you can see on the video).

My recommendation is if you are a parent; buy your kid this game, because I think kids could actually improve their spelling by playing it. Who knows, your kid could become a Spelling Bee Champion with the help of this game.

Spelling is not all you do here, there are other games that teach you about how to identify, verbs, nouns, and adjectives. As you keep playing the game and get good scores you earn dollars (not real ones, just in the game) which is just a way of keeping score. It is fun learning experience for me, because now I know how to properly spell words I wasn’t really sure how to spell before.

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