How To Transfer Music Files To The PSP

Transferring music files to the PSP is really basic, and easy to do. I would not post this here, because I assume everyone already knows, as I have had my PSP for quite a while, and think everybody has, but as of lately, I have seen the increase of people getting a PSP for their first time.

Ok, what is needed?

1. PSP any Version, any Firmware

2. Computer with music files in it (MP3)

3. PSP USB Cable (The ones with a regular USB Connector on one end, and Mini-B connector on the other end.)

4. Memory Stick already inserted to the PSP


With the PSP USB Cable, plug in both ends to their perspective connection end. On the PSP main menu go to the “Settings” Menu and Choose “USB Connection” on the list, should be the second one from the top.

On your computer you will be notify that a removable disk have been added. Go to and open My Computer, and open up the removable disk recently added which would be the PSP’s memory stick. Browse and find the MUSIC folder under PSP folder (If not there you can create one). Drag and drop all the mp3 files there. Once done, press the terminate connection on the PSP, this is usually "O" button. Unplug it from the computer. You should now have mp3 files on your music menu on the PSP. Enjoy!!

For those needing a visual take a look at this video tutorial below!


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