PSP: Ultimate Block Party (Review)

As the title suggest it’s a block party. Good enjoyable game in the puzzle genre. I am definitely please with its performance and great invention by the creators (Conspiracy Entertainment). I love the colorful atmosphere and the play basics of it. The characters are interesting and kinda goofy looking, but in a good way. Hehe.

The fun really starts when you play the arcade game and play against all the characters and the final boss. The concept of the game is to line up blocks of the same color(at least 4 of the same), as long as they are next to each other they will disappear and so as time passes new blocks will appear from the bottom of the screen. The game will be over if the blocks reach the top when new blocks would want to appear from the bottom again. The 2 by 2 cursor will let you shift blocks clock wise and counter clock wise.

There are other rules that apply to this game, like for example, the arrow blocks that are activated when again when you make 4 blocks touch including the arrow block and wherever the arrow is pointing the blocks that are being pointed will turn the same color, making a bigger chain and attacking your opponent.

Overall this is a great puzzle game that is sure to be entertaining for every PSP puzzle gamer out there. I certainly recommend it.


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