PSP Emulations: King Of Fighters 2003 (Review)

KOF 2003 is an excellent game in the fighting genre. If you never heard of the King Of Fighters series before, this game might not be for you, but all of us that have been playing this series since it first came out in arcades back in 1994, it is still going strong, or at least for me it is.

Interesting to see this game is not out for sale for the PSP, instead it is an Emulation which the PSP can do wonderfully. Well, I mean a PSP with Homebrew enable.

The basics of this game is to win matches against your opponents, it is a 3 on 3 battle. Skill plays a big role in this game because you need to execute special moves and deadly special moves to have an advantage over your opponent. There is a big list of characters to choose from, each with their own signature special moves. Getting to the last boss of the game might be easy. But beating him might not be. Good luck trying hehe!!

I love King Of Fighters series. Used to be that the tournament would be held every year and so more characters would be added than omitted, and the list kept growing and growing.


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