My Top 7 PSP Accessories Essentials

UMD games, do not count as Accessories so I left them out in the list. The PSP battery usually comes together when buying the PSP and it is an Accessory I also left out on the list. The following list is what I consider very important to have for your PSP, and no PSP owner should be without.

  1. PSP Battery Charger- It is not good if you can only use the PSP till your battery runs out which would probably be around 2 hours. This is very essential to the PSP system. Get It Here!

  1. PSP Memory Stick- Be 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB or 8 GB, you can never have enough memory to store games, saves, videos, pics, and other stuff. This is a very essential accessory to the PSP too. Get It Here!

  1. PSP Ear Phones- no sound for everyone, just for you. Get It Here!

  1. PSP To PC Data Transfer Cable- need to transfer your mp3 files from your computer to your PSP; this is the way, but not limited to mp3 files. All kinds of files can be transferred to the PSP with this cable. I think videos (mp4) and pictures (jpegs and other formats), are the most common. Get It Here!

  1. PSP Protection Case- the last thing you want to do is accidentally drop the PSP on the concrete floor without protection. It is not worth breaking it. The PSP is not a cheap toy. Being extra careful and protect it at all times can save you money! Get It Here!

  1. PSP Screen Protection- This is good against scratches and some other elements that could damage the PSP screen. Keep it always protected and scratch free! Get It Here!

  1. PSP Pandora Battery W/ Magic Memory Stick- So you wanted to install a new cool application on the PSP, so you transferred the file from your PC to the PSP. Running the application got your PSP all messed up and bricked (not working properly). Now what do you do? The Pandora Battery + Magic Memory Stick can unbrick 99% of all PSP versions and firmwares. I add this one just in case your PSP gets bricked! It’s good to be on the safe side. Get It Here!

These items are all important to me as a PSP owner, I numbered them 1 to 7, but they are not on any specific order. Please comment or suggest anything that might help the list, thanks.


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