Do you want to watch TV on your PSP?

There are two ways that I found out you can watch TV from your PSP. One is with “Location Free Player” and two is with TVUPlayer on PSP. How do these work?

Location Free Player will act as a server. You need to buy this unit to hook it up to your home portal/router and cable. After that is done and ready to go, then you need to configure the setting on Location Free Player on your PSP, under Network menu. I think this is the best choice to watch TV anywhere you have your PSP, and have Wi-fi access.

For TVUPlayer to work on the PSP, you will need to install some software on your computer and one in your PSP with Homebrew enable. (Hacked PSP). You need a VLC Player, TVUPlayer computer application, and PMPVLC009 for the PSP. What this basically will do is stream TV channels from internet to your computer, and then stream from computer to PSP. Please Check Out This Site For More Detailed Explanation .

HOLD IT!!! this post is not yet over. I know another and more practical way to watch TV on the PSP. This way is by just adapting a TV Turner called: “Sony PSP 1-Seg digital TV Turner” (compatible with PSP Slim Only) One small thing though, these are only available in Japan as I hear, but can someone else who is not in Japan get it, even if its pirated? Maybe, Ha!

Hopefully Sony won’t leave the rest of the world behind, with this great gadget. It would be great if it was also launched in the United States too. I for one would buy this for my PSP without a second thought. Yet another function that would plus the PSP over any other handheld device in the world.

Comments? suggestions? welcome!! ^_^


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