PSP Code Lyoko Review

Code Lyoko is an action/adventure game. I was looking at recent PSP releases, This game got my attention even though I had no idea this is based on animated series. I however did find it interesting on some of the game play. The things that jumped to my attention starting the game were: The Nice intro movie, as you can see on the video below, and it also has an interesting way to do battle. Every character have their own technique. Sometimes using a specific character for their technique in order to defeating some types of monsters. You can switch characters (total of 4) anytime you want.

All the interesting game play is inside a parallel virtual world by the name of Lyoko. This is where to explore, encounter enemies, and bosses. The heroes try to dispose of a threat In Lyoko that could very well destroy their own world.

Truthfully, Code Lyoko did not do much for me, and this could be, because this game is based on animated series I have never herd of or watched. So it falls in game plots that I no clue of. Those who are familiar to the anime will have more interest for sure.

Code Lyoko is now available worldwide. It is published by The Game Factory (where fun is made. lol). and developed by Neko entertainment. It is also on Nintendo DS, PS2, and Nintento Wii.

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