PSP: King Of Fighters 95 On Neo Geo Emulator (Review)

(KOF)King Of Fighters 95 is the second Game of the whole KOF series. I must say that compared to the Original KOF 94, 95 seems quite easy on defeating your opponents. And the CPU is quite fair on the matches against it.

On this game, one of my favorite characters is introduced. I am talking about the first appearance of Iori Yagami, the arch rival of Kyo Kusanagi. One of the big improvements of KOF 95 was the ability to create your own team. You have a choice to edit a team of three fighters as opposed to KOF 94 where you had to choose a team of three; which in some cases I had no experience on the moves and control of a specific character of a team.

Another and maybe not a good decision by SNK, was the elimination of the USA team. The USA team was: Heavy D, Lucky Glauber, and Brian Battler. I was quite anxious to see how these characters would have had developed if they had continued on the KOF series.

After you defeat all the teams in KOF 95, then you fight Rugal, the extremely hard boss. There is some kind of confusion to me here, because after you defeat Rugal in KOF 94. He seemed to have died in a huge explosion. To have kept it interesting SNK should have had a new boss in 95, but oh well, I guess that is just me.


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