Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix PSP Review

For the longest time I have been searching for Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, although it came out some years ago, and maybe considered as an old game developed by Capcom, I remember seeing it at the local arcades. It was not that popular, or at least at the arcade I used to visit frequently.

I do believe its a great fighting game, and excellent for PSP. Portability is always great, and this game connects the two very nicely.

Some may think this is a kiddy game, and in fact it seems so to me too. The chibi-like characters and collecting gems, and how easy it could be for anyone to make a hit combo (just press same button many times), definitely spells it. ha! but so what, I still like it just for the fun factor. Never have I seen a character change outfit while doing combo. haha!

The character roster include some of those from Street Fighter 2, 3, Alpha, Darkstakers, and Red Earth. Hidden character: Akuma, and Dan. My personal favorite: Sakura, Morrigan, Ken, and Ryu.


  1. so if i were to download this, i could play gem fighters on my psp?