PSP: Puzz Loop on Capcom Play System (CPS) Emulator

Puzz Loop 2 is great puzzle game in which aiming and being quick on your toes is key. You see me here playing this game, which I never heard of before until I installed Capcom Play System Emulator on my PSP.

When or if you play this game, you are the one in the middle shooting marbles at the marble spiral. The key to get good scores is to shoot the marbles of same color as to make at least three of a kind. Then they disappear. The marbles continue to spiral down the center by where you are. If the reach the limit of the road as they can go, and have to definitely stop, then it is game over. The more interesting things come later when there are obstacles that make your shot not hit your target. like the little tornado for example.

Overall this is an excellent game to play individually or with a bud. I do believe it is in the same family as Bust A Move from Taito which is quite a very well known game for puzzle game players. I have also heard this game has been cloned many times and thus these clones have many names, some are: Luxor, Zuma, Loco, Potpourrii, Tumblebugs, and Butterfly Escape.

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  1. It’s a fun little puzzle game, but it’s not remotely worth $20. I think the response would be less hostile if the price was less ridiculous. Untill then I enjoy playing zuma online for free on sites like Zuma