PSP: Cake Mania Baker's Challenge

Cake Mania Baker's Challenge is an excellent game, and kinda reminds me of Dinner Dash. If not the exactly alike, I say its in the same family of games.

Jill has just open her bakery shop. Her decision is to bring back the good little old fashion Cake shop for her grandparents who always taught her how to bake when she was a kid. With her grandparents recipies she will show the big coorporate goons that luck and some legwork she can succeed in her business.

You gotta be good at remembering a good sequence of buttons to press to be very fast at baking cakes. Customers are not always nice and some have short temper, they will leave if you make them wait long for their cake order. That is not good business if they leave. As you can see on the video, their mood is measured by the quantity of hearts that appear next to them. the more hearts when they leave with their cake, then the better they will tip.

The different types of cakes are good list, because of the combination of elements like frosting, layers, with candles etc. I am enjoying playing this game as I bare got it the other day. I know if you are into dinner dash, you will also like this game.

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