NBA 09: The Inside PSP Review

NBA 09 The Inside for PSP is amazing NBA action and Yes, plenty of fun. After playing this I was really satisfied on my need to shoot some hoops, of course I was always the one on the basketball court playing real basketball a couple of years back. So this game is really nice, knowing also that I follow NBA basketball and am a Lakers fan hehe!! Well, it just goes to show you that not anybody would enjoy this sport on the PSP.
See, you gotta be a fan to enjoy this type of action.

NBA 09 The Inside is a great basketball game in the count of not many basketball simulators are there on the PSP. Definitely your money's worth if you think about the great features of this game. Modes of play are as follows: Quick Play (which is what the video shows! Note that I am controlling the Los Angeles Lakers, hehe!), NBA, and Block Party. Controls are kept simple and that is a plus, although the way to do alley-oops has been quite hard for me since two buttons are to be pressed simultaneously. Can't leave out the Wi-Fi capabilities, of course; Go head-to-head as multi-player gameplay is supported. Music selection is great, somehow they knew some of my favorite tunes to play.

Overall I give NBA 09 The Inside a 9 out of 10. Not a perfect score because I think they could have made some small issues a little better in my opinion. But pretty dam close!

Well, below you will see a match up between Los Angeles Lakers versus the Portland Trail Blazers! Who do you think will win?

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