R Type Tactics PSP Review

I barely got this R-Type Tactics for my PSP. I must say that it is too early for me to determine the fun factor of this game, but looks and feels pretty good so far. I think it would seem a bit complicated to some people, because there are a lot of factors to consider and got to read much of the content so anyone could understand what is happening in the battlefield.

As usual you take your turn and move in and attack the enemy if in range. The different types of mobiles have their own type of weaponry and shoot range. I still haven't figured out some things on this game, like for example the acquire items on some stages. I guess I must study it carefully and go to the manuals. See, that is how I get into games at first, I just go directly to the action instead of reading the manual first and get to know what is all about. I kinda do the opposite. Well, to tell you the truth after playing many games like this is not so hard to figure out after just playing the first few minutes.

I have cleared three stages so far, and the one that is on the video below is called the Mars Enigma. I was going to include the whole mission, but missions can really take up to 20 to 40 minutes in completing. Well, at least for me. So, I have limited time creating videos. The 3rd Mission is different than the others in the way that you are not able to see the enemies in the whole area battle field just your surroundings, kinda reminded me of War Craft 2 for the PSone, a really long time ago.

What had helped me win battles is the good use of the fighter mobiles, they charge up their cannon and can really do much damage to the enemy. You will see what I am talking about whenever of if you get this game for the PSP. Good overall graphics and I see what its got stored for more gameplay ahead.


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