Space Invaders Extreme ISO For PSP

About Space Invaders Extreme: I know its a title released by Taito, but just as see the credits now its also Square Enix. It's porpuse is to celebrate 30 years since the original arcade was first released. Background graphics are great, but same pixalated enemies, spaceships and shootings. haha! Getting special shooting boosters are great, like for example the laser is great and my favorite, but all the boosters have a time limit... bummer. I think they should have modified it as not lose booster power, but then again, i guess it would have been too easy. see the thing to do get the boosters is to kill 4 invaders from the same color, so far saw red, green, blue and yellow...oh..oh! is that right?

Well not the greatest shooter, but somewhat good and entertaining. So far have had no trouble getting the the third stage, lol although the video below shows otherwise.

Space Invaders Extreme is still fun to play, shooters gamers would love it, as much as I have, but I do not consider myself as a shooter person, much more into adventure, rpgs, and fighting game type. oh well...

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