Valhalla Knights 2 PSP Review

Valhalla knights 2 for the PSP is as much fun as the first one, of course sequels are supposed to be better, but I think that most of the cut scenes here are a great help, not so making it way better than the first one. Its an interesting RPG, the great factors that jump up to my head are:

1. The fact of how you can customize your main character, and the rest of all your other allys too. selection of race, face feature, and job title are good features of the game

2. You gotta work to get some cash on you so you can add Allys. you can't just kill a few simple monsters, and expect to be rich, haha! It is kinda good, but sometimes you get bored of killing the same type of enemies all the time.

3. The battle system is great, real-time fighting, non of the take your turn stuff. Plus you will not walk in the dungeon and counter enemies randomly. Instead you will always be able to see your enemy before your encounter.

4. Equipping weapons and armory might not seem very important to visualize to people, because we are used to seeing characters on most RPG games that don't change visual appearance when equipping different type of weapons and armor. Well, here you can actually see if you are wearing boots, shoes, shirt, armor plate, helmet, knuckles, sword, knife etc.

There might be more great factors than that, but I actually just started playing this game, I have absolutely got addicted playing the first couple of minutes and I am sure you will too.

If you have played this Valhalla Knights 2 and would like to share your personal opinion, I welcome comments, opinions and questions. Please comment-reply!...thanks

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