Star Ocean: First Departure PSP Review

Star Ocean: Fist Departure has become one of my favorite RPG. Maybe not 10 score, but surely 9.9 in the fun department, story, battles, and side mini games. I very well recommend this game, and especially all who did get to play Star Ocean: Second Story. All those great features of that game have been inherited by Star Ocean First Departure. Including the super fun Item Creation feature.

The battles are great, and of course you accquire techniques to use on your enemy, the more you use a specific technique, the better it performs over time. Added here in this PSP version that wasn't that much on the PSone version of Star Ocean Second Story are the very numerous cut scenes that are just amazing, the more to understand the story well, and also another thing that I like is the audio voices, as oppose to just reading what they say most of the important dialog is spoken and written!!

I can't say enough about this game, because it is just great if you are into RPGs. I really had high expectations on this game, and so far into the game, I havent been disapointed. Square Enix, thanks!!

The video below shows how far I am into the game. Well, my calculations are that I am probably at 10% of the entire story, or maybe less. Here I am fighting the captain of the pirates who is a boss that tries to keep my party from sailing the seas. Once defeated, I can explore more of the world.

I found a bug, and maybe if Square Enix gets to read this post they can do something about it. It seems that on the battle system you can get stuck. Nothing more to do here than just quit the game, leaving your unsaved data lost! It was actually a good thing that I wasn't quite far from where I last saved the game. On the video: I am battling the last guy on "A" rank battle at the Arena of Tatroi. I tried to perform Roddick's Dragon Slash technique (as it requires to be a little bit apart from the enemy), but it seems that me (Roddick) and the enemy have much speed and the battle ground is not big enough. So this is endless, and quite frustrating cause after the technique is set to be performed, you can't control your character. I tried everything, even running away. and there was no solution but to reset the game losing my unsaved data. I guess this doesn't happen often, but if happened to me it could definitely happen to anyone. My suggestion to solve the problem is add more battle ground, like in Star Ocean: Second Story. I do not actually know, but it seemed a much more bigger battleground. Has this happened to you?

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  1. Press the Square button and you stop running.