PSP Midnight Club: Los Angeles Remix Review

Well, this place looks familiar... (take a look at my video below)Yes it is Santa Monica, I know because I live in L.A. California, and similarities to this neighborhood are very good, especially the freeway entrance to 105 (you will notice that if you have really driven near Santa Monica, on Pacific Coast Highway [PCH]). Midnight Club: LA Remix for the PSP is claimed to be the best racer game in 2008. I won't argue with that, probably because maybe I haven't played much more racing games throughout this year. Or could it be that many video game making companies are slow on producing racing simulation games during this year.

The object to the game is simple and straight to the point, earn money and reputation racing on the streets of L.A. Simple as that may sounds you gotta be a top notch driver to avoid sometimes heavy traffic jams (these are really a pain in real life too. hehe!). I am so early in the game, still acquiring more money to buy better cars, and customizing them if needed. as you can see there are three levels of racing here, if you go to a green flag point on the map, that race will not be as hard as the yellow flag (Intermediate) or red flag (hard).

At the very beginning I haven't been able to play other than career mode, probably because I need to go further in the game to unlock it, and also apart from L.A. there is Tokyo that also needs to be unlocked i guess. Well, so far it's good to know that I can drive around my city without living my house. hehe! Good job Rockstar Games (Also publishers of the great Grand Theft Auto game series)

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