PSP Buzz Brain Bender Review

Buzz Brain Bender for the PSP will give you and your friends something to think about and a real brain workout. Are you good doing simple math, defining shapes, remembering figures, solving quick puzzles and the like? Well, this game is really good in that sense. I have enjoyed it so far.

Surely knowing the accurate answer to the puzzles in the entire game will not make you a total genius. It helps but speed counts too. I would say speed plays a big role here; you definitely have a time limit and can't waste it, as every second counts. The game is divided in 4 categories which features: Analysis, Observation, Memory and Calculation. I have found it very hard to at least get silver metals to some puzzle trivia. I think it will take me some more time practicing to do the puzzles before my brain adjust to this game and then get gold medals.


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