PSP Warriors Of The Lost Empire Review

Warriors of The Lost Empire for the PSP is an action/adventure game that takes place in a fantasy world. At the beginning of the game you will need to choose one from the 4 available heroes: a highlander, a gladiator, dark seeker, and an amazon. Then you can choose to customize their clothing color a little bit, but its not a big deal. There will be a lot of weapons you will come across exploring the world and you will also learn new fighting techniques. There are a lot of features in the game that makes this title interesting. more is the ability to hire a blacksmith to create weapons, also hire a alchemist who can turn your old unused items into more valuable pieces.

Story mode is my only option at this time, but I see you can also play "dungeon mode" which is also a single player game and "multiplayer" for your buddies to join in the action.

The Architect's Mansion will be your first mission and dungeon to explore appointed to you by Aldora. The monsters there are weak and its quite easy to kill and you will also learn the basics of the controls. At that dungeon's end you will meet Rabirius who is a legendary hero and he will talk to you about the living dead and such.

Here on the video below I meet the legendary hero Rabirius who seems to be a ghost, then after that, I meet Aldora again who will instruct on the next missions. Overall great adventure game. I am enjoying it much. ^.^


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