Are You Ready For "PSP 2"?

This is just a rumor though. I have found several sources that state that Sony might just be in the works of a new PSP: PSP 2. Even though Sony will deny it, just like when they denied working on a PSP 3000 series. Remember? It is just to cause a big commotion, suspense, or something.

It makes sense that Sony would name the next generation of the best gaming portable "PSP 2". much like in the family of home console game Playstation, PS2, and the recent PS3. I wonder if it is too soon though. Might this project have started already? I think it might, but we here in the US and Japan won't be able to see this soon, in fact maybe a couple of years from now. And the reason for me to think this way is because, hey they just launched the PSP 3000 series. How much more portable gaming can people get?

It is said that the great features of the PSP 2 is going to be much like Apple's Ipod tuch. Yea, talking about touchscreen technology. It would definately be nice. But like I said this is just a rumor. I would personally would want to belive that Sony, instead of coming up with a brand new handheld, would just concentrate on making the PSP better, like they have been doing so far. What do you guys think?

Below are some more concept designs people(no association with Sony) have come up for the look of the PSP 2. Do any of these catch your eye?

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