Resistance Retribution Demo PSP Gameplay

Resistance Retribution for the PSP fall in the same category of Syphon Filter and yes, those are the same developers for what I hear. Real action tactics war game, it is entertaining and you will be amazed at the graphics and cut scenes. I do believe its living up to its name and quite a good overall first person shooter. I do enjoy an occasional game of this type, but not loosing sleep over it. I guess maybe because I consider myself more of an RPG gamer, than anything else.

The controls were a little hard to get used to at first for me because the main buttons here x, o, square, and triangle are just used for view options, and "R" button is to shoot. But no big deal, I know anyone can get used to them quickly.

A great feature of this game is the variety of weapons you can choose right from the start. Your health can be easily recovered after fighting some monsters or flying gadgets that shoot you. Of course you will need the right weapon to kill the right creature you are fighting so the killing spree runs smoothly and quick.

Here is me finishing the chapter 1 of the game. Fighting the final boss can be a little hard, but you will be o.k. if you just take cover and hit the machine right where it hurts. The video below shows this! See that round thing on top of it; that is his weak point. All I needed to do was to get some clean hits with a bazooka right there and BOOM! It goes down. haha!



  2. I dont understand where to save the demo... Ive poot it under the PSP folder when you first open the memory stick, and Ive also tryed putting it with all the other files (games, music, common, etc.)


  3. Hello everyone! you guys all have to take in consideration that this demo will only work on hacked PSPs. it is a CSO file and needs to be put on the ISO folder of your PSP memory stick, otherwise it will not work, it will only say Corrupted data! or not appear under GAME at all. Thank you all for the visits and have a nice day! :D