PSP 3000: First Homebrew Games

First off, this is an exploit, not actually CFW just yet, but getting close. The first one is called "Gripshift Pong". You actually need the UMD version of "Gripshift", and also run the Hello World Sparta SDK exploit from FreePlay and MaTiAz for it to work on your PSP 3000. A little more explanation and example on the video below.

The second one is called "Bomberman Gripshift V1". Again you need both things mentioned above to make it work on the PSP 3000 and I do believe they mentioned that could work on other PSP not version 3000.

Here is more on Gripshift Pong! (dead link)

Here is more on Bomberman Gripshift!(dead link)

To tell you the truth these two games seem like a total waste of time. they are milestones old and not the slightest bit interesting for me. But, again, I do however feel these are the first steps on getting the PSP 3000 hacked. It won't be too long till we next hear that there is CFW on the PSP 3000.


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