IvEr PSP V2.00 Homebrew Application Gameplay and Download

Iver PSP version 2.00 is a homebrew application for the PSP. It is really many applications withing just a single application. It carries the apple, machintosh insignia.

Icons to choose from:
1. System
2. iPaint
3. iCalculator
4. Clock
5. Credits
6. iFind
7. YouTube
8. iNotes
9. Settings
10. iMaps
11. Exit
12. iDump
13. iMSN
14. iMail
15. iSafari
16. iPod

Convinient and looks just like an apple ipod device. the only thing I did not like it is that you have to constantly turn your PSP vertical and horizontal so you can get a good view of the applications. But I am sure most won't mind, right?

Anyway, I have made the download link so you can enjoy this new homebrew here!(dead link)(approximately 13.2 MB) just extract it, the place the PSP folder on root of your PSP memory card, or just copy "Iver PSP" to the "Game" folder in the PSP memory stick. Enjoy!

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