Citroen Crosser SUV + Sony PSP = FAKE!!!

Unfortunately this rumor is spreading and it seems it's going quite good for marketers. Haha! it is so funny, but do not buy it! I do not believe in this crossover between Citroen and Sony Playstation Portable.

Claims have been made that the SUV will only hit Europe, and that this special PSP Edition of C Crosser will come with PSP 2000, black, two games, 4 GB memory stick, and will feature headrest speaker mount. All that and probably more at the 33,990 Euros sticker price. which is somewhat approximately over 43, 000 dollars.

Ok. Sorry but I want to be fair to this article being posted all over the net. Perhaps there is a light true to it, but I definitely doubt it. My take is 95% pure bull and 5% true.

My props go to the picture editing person or team of this photo you see before you, hahaha! Nice photo manipulation skills :D


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