Mana Khemia English PSP Gameplay And Review

Mana Khemia: Student Alliance English Version for PSP has great features of RPG, including alchemy which allows one to create a new item using two different items. This is very basic of the game as it will be your first mission.

You are student by the name of Vayne, and along your party at the very beginning is Jess, and Nikki. There is much to explore at the school campus, including the workshop which is kinda cool place where your party meets.

The school campus is really a large place, and there are many things to do here. There is also off campus ground which you will need to go sometimes to fight baddies. Well, so far and in the video below I go to the place called "Living Forest" to catch 2 required items for class project.

And like any other school, you will be taking up some classes on different type of subjects. some of which at first will be required by the game, but then you can freely select the subjects of your choice.

I won't go much into details because I really haven't played this game much and because it is a little too teenager-like game for me.

Yes, I do enjoy the battle system, but it is not anything out of the ordinary. Just waiting your turn to do damage, with regular attacks, use item, use skill, or guard. The monsters are simple to beat and no big deal (so far at least). you have the opportunity to start attack as you will be able to see the enemy. So the battles are not random.... well, that is one good thing about Mana Khemia because I really do hate random battles.

The graphics are excellent, I especially like the characters' designs, and also love the dialog too. Well, not the best RPG ever, but definitely an interesting one in my opinion...

Here below is my video where i show the battle system....What do you guys think?

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  1. hi!!

    i don`t know why but i was waiting for this game from the start of this year. i really miss the good rpgs nowdays (on ps3 mainly, but on psp too), and this is one of them. yesterday i played Mana Khemia, finished the first mission and i loved it! oh and one more thing, this is not only for kids. Seriously! half a year, and i turn 30 :)