Mytran Wars PSP Gameplay

Mytran Wars for PSP is one great strategy, tactics, game. I have especially liked the graphics of the giant mecha warriors with attack and other skills and abilities, and also the comic book styled in between cut scenes. Battle control is awesome, but I think a bit a little overwhelming.

I think Mytran Wars could be a little complicated to comprehend in the way that there are many factors to consider on winning battles. Of course the hard battles will come later on. You will start just doing the tutorial in order to get the hang of the game. and it is really a step by step training.

Great features for Mytran Wars is that there is language selection, including English, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish. Extra mission on Squirmish, Multi-player via Ad hoc.

So far I am at the start of the game. On the video below, it shows me playing the third stage. There also seems to be a good plot, and so the story will unfold as one progresses. hopefully if you play Mytran Wars, it will be of your liking.


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