PSP Go!? To Be Announced At E3

This is getting interesting... The next E3 is just a week away from now and there everyone will officially know more details about the very rumored PSP Go! I guess including the official date release, and more specs.

Sources say that the PSP Go! will actually be cheaper than our very regular PSP. One big and probably only factor is because the PSP Go! does NOT have UMD drive. It kinda makes sense since there is less hardware production on the unit, but will it be replaced by another cool feature, and actually be about the same price as a regular PSP?

I will gladly love the PSP Go!, but what of those people who have spent a little fortune on their PSP's UMDs? maybe having to upgrade to another PSP would seem like starting over a new hanheld game device, instead of feeling just welcome and being able to play their UMD's on their new machine. Well, I am just saying.... it just crossed my mind... but, who cares if they already have a PSP that plays UMDs right?

It seems so sudden, now that it has not been that long since the PSP 3000 was launched and now, probably less than a year later another PSP is on our way. Sony is really being active this year on their PSP and God only knows what is next. But I guess if they have the money for the production, then... why not.. huh? What do you guys think?


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