Neat PSP Go Video

I like the great features talked about the PSP Go! Especially that it will come with a 16 GB hardrive memory capability. This quite beats the current PSP in memory storage. Of course I have heard of 16 GB memory stick for the PSP, but it is quite expensive, or at least the ones I have seen. Plus it is an add-on, while the PSP Go is built-in. Extra memory could also be purchased for the PSP Go. It will be launched on October 1st and will come in two colors to choose from: Black, and White. the white one here on the video looks very shiny. I will sure go for the Black when I get the chance to buy me one PSP Go!


  1. woaw the PSP Go look real neat, If i want to buy a console now, I guess I'll buy this one! xD

  2. Heyy the PSP go is real neat, I know what to ask from dad now