Gran Turismo For PSP Preview And Promo Trailer

I love driving games, and Gran Turismo has been know for being one of the best driving simulators ever to hit the gaming industry. Now with the release of the PSP Go, comes the brand new Gran Turismo. Here on this video trailer shows comparison between real driving vs game driving, and can quite see the similarity. I really think that the best feature Gran Turismo will have is the variety of cars available (over 800 cars), and also the multiple tracks on where to race (45 tracks in all). The are some flaws though, there is no online interaction, which is a big minus point. The graphics are looking good, some might say not great, but I will personally see for myself before ranking it. Gran Turismo will be release the same day PSP Go is to be released: October 1st, 2009.

1 comment:

  1. Hi there, I'm afraid there aren't 45 tracks, but 35 tracks, arranged in 60+ layout variations (reverse, crop etc).

    And for what I've seen, graphics are looking great indeed.

    Tomorrow's the day!!! woohoo!!!