Thursday October 1st, PSP Go Is Officially Available

Now, how much success do you think the PSP Go is going to have if any. Will people like the new Sony handheld? Will it do much better than when the original PSP was released in 2005 or will it fail big time? I know this is huge for gamers. But I do not see it as a continuation of the original PSP. Yes they will share the same games but in different formats. One on UMD, the other just downloaded file. Accessories are other issue, plus the built-in memory on the PSP is overwhelming. I like that, but it would seem to me that comparing the original PSP and the PSP Go. They are close relatives, they more likely long lost cousins. That is just my opinion though.

Now the updates on PSN for all the content available now, especially for the PSP Go. Check it out here! really massive as the tittle suggests.

Now I have planned to buy a PSP Go, but something tells me to give it a little time, especially my wallet... lol. Yea, and plus I do not want to rush it just yet. I will see how well it does out here first, although I do predict it will be one of the best buys for gamers.


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