PSP Go Wireless Downloads From PSN

Now I know the PSP Go has just been launched this week, and there are so many things to do with it. Basically it all comes down to downloading content from the Playstation Store.

I have liked the fact that there are a lot of PSP games to choose from and even PSone games from the past as the video shows. I also like the media content download. Movies for example, I would be interested in watching a couple of new releases, or just some of my old favorites. I still wonder how large the library of movies are though. I am guessing they don't have much now, but the overall the library of games and all media types the PSP Go will have available will keep growing more in the future. Another major factor that I think is super neat is playable demos. Now here is a great feature, and solves the problem of not knowing gameplay before buying a game.

Everything seems perfect for the new PSP Go, except one thing that kinda bugs me: And that is loading time. How fast can I go to the store and get a UMD game and actually start playing vs. connect to Playstation Store and wait for the downloads. If its a new big release, I assume games will hit closely to 1 Gigabyte at least. comes about to 45 minutes of download time. But in the video i could not get when he said that what if your PSP Go crashes in the middle of download??? I think I will have to look deep into that.


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