Heihachi Mishima Tekken 6 Commercial

To be honest I never liked this old geezer. Funny that he has been on the series ever since number 2 came out I think. And even back then he was an old man. He hasn't aged much like many other characters in Tekken. He still alive???? Just gotta wonder what kind of cereal he eats...lol. He is always a hard opponent to beat. Heihachi Mishima could actually be the 2nd main character in Tekken 6, after his grandson Jin Kazama. The game is soon to be released and I am so anxiously waiting to get my hands on it for the PSP. Although I will also like to play the game on the PS3 (the mother of all video game consoles). But since this blog is a PSP related content only, I will keep from talking about it.

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  1. Takken 3 is my favorite games and my favorite player in Takken 3 is King