Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2. Sony PSP Exclusive

Looking very good. Mahjongg Articfacts, Chapter 2 for PSP, but was there a chapter one I missed. I love this types of games. It is a fast thinking game. I have seen this type of game before in which you have to match the wooden pieces with figurines before, unfortunately I only saw the the Japan version called "Choko". Might be similar, but not the same. If I am not mistaken It was for the Neo Geo home console. Because I played it on my PSP with Neo Geo emulator. You can see the gameplay down below. I think it is an old game, but the new game Mahjongg Artifacts, Chapter 2, should bring much better, beautiful graphics and more to the gameplay; I hope... can't wait!!! Release date is yet to be announced for this game, so just be patient :D


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