Megaman Powered Up. PSP Gameplay. Wanted Gameplay

I have not played Mega man Powered Up as of yet. Kinda surprising knowing that I am a huge fan. The thing is that I play many games nowadays and its really hard, and I would dare say nearly impossible to play all the games as soon as they are released. even if you had to do it only on one console.

After watching this amazing video (credits to Youtube user MrWhiteProductions), it made me want to play Mega Man, thus the title, "Wanted Gameplay" It really seems like a fun game. And the one thing that mostly attracted me to Megaman Powered Up is the boss. If you are an old gamer like me. He is similar to the same boss you fight in the very first mega man, except here upgraded. lol. Flashback a load of years way back when the NES was king of all gaming consoles. The yellow devil is one tough guy. You will need to be patient and hit one blast at his eye, while he teleports his body molecules from side to side. Take a look at the old version down below :D (credits for video go to skorch82)


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