Circles PSP Mini, Gameplay

Circles, mini game for the PSP. It is really interesting and I what I like about this game is that it is a thinking game. You have to know how to add and subtract, not based on your instinct for a change. I think I will keep playing more of this game to make my brain tingle a little with some simple math. The sound is actually catchy, I like it much.

There are actually two ways to win; one is to surround the golden zero(s) with the blue, colored, number balls. The other is just to eliminate the yellow number balls with the blue balls. action takes place when you rotate a circle with different color balls. the ones that sums up more, dominates. if you lose too many blue balls, it is game over. There are other rules that apply, but you can find out more when playing the game.

I do recommend circles to anyone. you might like it and who knows you might even find it a little addicting. Try to see how many gold vs silver medals you get.

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