Martial Arts: Capoeira Fight, PSP Gameplay

Amazon vs Voodoo? They both seem like female names doesn't it? Here Amazon is the female fighter. I like the idea behind this game, because I do play lots of fighting games starting from Street Fighter to Tekken series. I am not really sure I do understand the health gouge though.

Anyway Martial Arts: Capoeira Fighters should be interesting I think even when many people I see leaving comments doubt it will be any good. Thinking outside the box, maybe Christie Monteiro and Eddie Gordo should have been invited as special guests or something. lol.

Martial Arts: Capoeira will be for the following consoles PC, PlayStation 2, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Wii.

I am a bit confused on the release date because some people say that it is already out, but when I check Amazon dot com. They say it will be available November 30, but you can pre-order now. Huh???


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