Lunar Silver Star Harmony PSP Gameplay Review

I love this game.  Lunar Silver Star Harmony for the PSP is an awesome RPG.  I never did play the original game back when it was only for Sega CD in 1993. I did however played the Playstation.  At that time it was good a good RPG.  Now on the PSP.  Almost everything improved, well except the intermission scenes which stayed the same.  I love the battle system, and the improved graphics for sure.  As you play, you will find out that these characters are just kids, so it is kinda very interesting, sometimes innocent. With a high search for adventure. 

I am so far liking every character in the game, they all have their own personality.  Although Nash can be a little arrogant, his magic help can be needed for defeating monsters.

I am guessing I am at more than 50% of the game completion.  Here in this gameplay I am about to get Kyle (Jessica's boyfriend) to join in.  Once he is in the group, you have a maximun party character count.  I like Kyle because he is strong with the sword as good as the main character Alex.

Overall this game is excellent for RPG gamers,  I highly recommend it.


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