Custom Firmware for PSP Slim

Disclaimer: Do the following at your own risk.  We are not responsible for any bricked PSP

How to install custom firmware on psp slim.
Installing custom firmware can be bit confusing and tricky in first look but here is the complete step by step tutorial of installing custom firmware in PSP 2000 slim. Carefully follow all the instruction.

 You will require two files that are PSP Firmware 5.03 and ChickHEN to install custom firmware. Download links
are provided in the step 2 of the tutorial.

# Guide to install custom firmware in PSP 2000 series with motherboard TA-088v1 and TA-088v2

step - 1

Before starting installation backup your SPS memory stick data because if anything goes wrong while installing custom firmware then you may loose important data and settings.

First step is to make sure you gather 2 required thing mentioned below.

- Firmware version 5.03 or below
- 76% charged Battery

step - 2

Now create a folder on desktop and give it a name " FW ".

Download two required file from the link below.

-: PSP Official Firmware 5.03

-: ChickHENR2 and Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher

After downloading both the files, Extract them in the FW folder located on the desktop.

STEP - 3

Now connect PSP slim to computer via USB. And then PSP memory stick (drive) will appear in your computer.
In the PSP memory stick drive, Go to the following path,


If you don't find this directory or path in PSP memory stick drive then just create that path or directory on SPS.
Now go to the PSP_Firmware_503 folder which is located in FW folder on the desktop. And then copy the file
" EBOOT.PBP " from the PSP_Firmware_503 folder and paste it into the directory or folder i.e." /PSP/GAME/UPDATE/ " that you have just created in SPS memory stick drive.


Now disconnect PSP from the computer and go the GAME folder of your PSP. There will be the PSP firmware version 5.03 file, press x button on PSP to execute that firmware 5.03 file. It will install firmware 5.03 on your PSP.

STEP - 3

This step is to load chickHEN R2 on SPS. connect PSP to the computer again.

Copy h.bin file from ChickHENR2 folder located in FW folder on the desktop to the root of your PSP (In your PSP drive).

Now go to the ChickHENR2 folder located in FW on the desktop and you will find a folder name SLIM.
copy the folder ChickHEN from the SLIM folder and paste it in the SPS memory stick drive's directory i.e. /PSP/PHOTO/


STEP - 4

This step is to set Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher on SPS.
Go to Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher folder located in FW on the desktop. In that folder you will find folder name RECOVERY. Copy RECOVERY folder and paste it in the SPS memory stick drive's directory i.e. /PSP/GAME/

FW/Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher/RECOVERY --COPY THIS Folder IN-----> /PSP/GAME/

STEP - 5

Now disconnect your SPS from the computer. Go to the directory /PSP/PHOTO/ChickHEN/ on your SPS.
Now SPS screen will be blank then it will show massage that ChickHEN has loaded.

Now your SPS will reboot automatically. If it hangup then shutdown PSP and try again. And try until your PSP automatically gets reboot. It can take 5 to 10 tries.

STEP - 6

After ChickHEN has successfully loaded its time to load Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher.

Go to the directory " /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/ " on your SPS. It will load Recovery Flasher. When it loads, choose " I agree " at the first screen. Now menu will appear with brown screen. Scroll down to Install M33 CFW and press X button. Now system will ask you to reset your settings. Chose the option " reset ".

Now installation of custom firmware will start on SPS. When all gets done, press the X button and turn ON your PSP.

That is it, You have successfully installed the custom firmware on your SPS 2000 slim. Enjoy. To check the result after installation, Go to Settings > System Settings > System Information and you will see 5.00 M33-6
system software installed on your SPS 2000 slim.

Note :- This guide will not work with the TA-088v3 motherboard.


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