PSP Game Maker - PSP Constructor

Everyone that has ever played a video game has dreamed about how they would design one of their own. Their imagine whipped through the main characters and the fantasy world that they would explore. But in the past it required lots of training and computer experience to have the skills necessary to make something like this. But as developers have become more and more concerned with open source development, the tools to do things just like this have become more widespread and much easier to use.

The PSP Constructor allows people to build their own video games using a PC Platform that can be played and shared with other users. However, it must be noted that there are limitations to the program that do not necessarily stem from the skills of the designer attempting to produce a game. While many people are saying that this program is simply stealing from the ideas that the program 'Game Maker' originated, most will admit that the makers of PSP Constructor have taken pre-existing ideas and modified or even enhanced them in some way.

'Home-brewed' games is a great idea for any avid video gamer or simply a person looking for a genuine creative outlet. It works on Mac in addition to PC platforms and basically functions by utilizing 'Visual Studio' and a command line to compile different scenarios into a pre-programmed environment. At the core of its concept there is very little original programming, but history has proven that such a thing is not a requirement to make a popular and innovative product.

The biggest plus by far for the average user is that knowledge of code or programming is not involved in the creative process in any way. So to a large degree, the objections to the software is precisely the point of the software. Despite the drawbacks to the software at this stage of the development, such as not being able to save or load games, the project is still early in its development and is yet to gain any widespread appeal. The ultimate potential of the product in the hands of non-programming users is something that could prove to have some interesting appeal and result in unexpected developments in this PSP Constructor's future.


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