Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PSP

Final Fantasy Type-0 is an upcoming game for Sony's PlayStation Portable system. Type-0 is the latest installment of the long running Final Fantasy series. It was previously titled Final Fantasy Agito XIII as it was originally slated to be part of Square-Enix's Fabula Nova Crystallis series that started with Final Fantasy XIII. With this name change, it's currently unknown if Type-0 will have any relationship to Final Fantasy XIII.

The game is said to use gameplay mechanics similar to that of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII as well as make new use of the Active Time Battle system that has been in use in the Final Fantasy series since its beginning. There are twelve playable characters and each character has their own strength and weaknesses in battle.

The plot of the game centers around twelve characters who are students of the Peristerium School of Magic and how they are thrust into the conflicts of the world, mainly in the form of fighting back the forces of Milites and saving the world.

The game's developers have mentioned the game as being like an online game, but not technically multiplayer. Whether this means the game will feature elements where more than one player can affect the outcome of the game or if this reflects the fact that there are twelve playable characters is still unknown, even this close to release.

This game marks will be one of the first PlayStation Portable games to be released on two UMDs. The UMD is the Universal Media Disc and is the typical game storage media used by the PSP. It is scheduled for release in Japan on October 13th, 2011.



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