PSP: Guitarway To Heaven 4 Amplified Review PSP Gameplay

Guitarway To Heaven 4 Amplified is Kinda like guitar hero homebrew style for the PSP, and you know it’s got great music on it. I love this game, really entertaining; I am not a pro as you can see on the first video, so I chose a simple easy song (Another one bites the dust from Queen).

The object of the game is really to keep up with rhythm and press the buttons accordingly to its perspective color and timing. The good thing is that we have both hands and you can use the directional pad to help you when you need to press more than one button at a time.

The list of songs is a big one; you will definitely find some tunes you like. Metallica-fade to black” is one of my personal favorite. There is easy, medium, hard, extreme, and songs with various difficulty levels, but most are still hard for me. The way I see the game operates and the thing to remember is that you really have to play the same song over and over to become good at it. The graphics are awesome; I recommend this game to all music video game players. Rock on!!

Here is me playing Fade To Black from Metallica. Do not be alarm, almost at the end it seems that an earthquake had just hit, but it is actually me pressing all the buttons like crazy. It is really hard to keep up with that much speed so that was my best strategy lol!!. enjoy :D

Here is me playing Paramore's Crush crush crush. Yes, it might seem a simple and easy to do, but I just love this song. hehe!

Once again it is me playing Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name Of. This song is great, and excellent to be played on PSP Guitarway To Heaven. It is just a personal favorite.


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