Persona 4 on the New PS Vita

A preview of the "Persona 4" game for the new upcoming Sony's PS Vita Persona 4-The Golden or P4is the most highly rated game across the world. It is hugely popular because of its role playing nature and is packed to the core with edge-of-the-seat excitement. This video game with a spooky plot was initially developed and published in Japan by Atlus for Sony’s Play Station 2. The P4 is the fifth version in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series. In North America the game took roots in December 2008 and since then has taken the gaming world by storm. One of the most interesting things about this edition is the inclusion of a special feature of weather forecast that allows the user to go playing unfazed even on foggy and dull days-an improvement over the previous ones based on lunar system.

The revamped Persona 4video game is due for release on the Sony Play Station Vita in the spring of 2012. It will include an additional female character Mary who will add even more zing. The game will have many more different voiceovers than its predecessor and the intrigue will never seem to end. Visually a large number of unseen scenes will transport the player into the fictional countryside of Japan. The oriental charms will never cease to fascinate you and if you happen to be a die-hard fan of Persona series, then you are at home with a striking resemblance to Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 as far as game plan and the production design are concerned.

 That’s not all; you will be treated to some superb cinematic score by the master musician Shouji Meguro. Due care has been taken to incorporate as many suggestions as possible from the hardcore fans of the earlier versions. One of the surprise elements (oops! now no more a surprise) is the life-line of using wireless support just when you are about to breathe your last. The main protagonist of the Persona 4 has come from the city to the countryside retreat for a year and during his stay he stumbles upon cases of mysterious murders. With his power and ability to summon a specific persona every time, he takes up to investigating the murders. With so much of excitement Vita is surely poised to blow the roof.

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