PS Vita Games at Launch

The release of the new PS Vita is well anticipated with fans of the PlayStation brand. Many are wondering what makes the Vita an improvement from the previous PSP. Many will be surprised by the amount of features it comes with. It is said to have Wi Fi, multiplayer chat, multi touch 5 inch OLED, PS3 integration, and dual analog sticks. But in the midst of the launch press conference many are wondering what games will be announced. These are a few of the titles which are said to be announced.

One of these new titles which is said to be released is Uncharted: Golden Abyss. It is the latest title in the Uncharted series, and the events are said to take place before the original game Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. For those not familiar with the plot of the previous games it takes place during present day and provides the player with a big world to explore. The game features the third person shooter style of game play. The developers who are in production of the game say it will stay true to the games previous elements, it will of course have the fantastic vista, and Drakes character model will stay intact. The game is also said to utilize the new OLED screen technology for added experience. And since it is for the PS Vita front and back touch is now available.

Another title which made the release list was a new version of Kill Zone. This game will be the second handheld version of the game which is to be released. For those who do not know the game is set during a war between the ISA and the Helghast. Now the original games were first person shooters, but the last game Liberation was a third person shooter; so it is unsaid what style of gameplay we can look forward to. And unfortunately right now there is little to know about the game. In doing research I have found little to no information on the new game. However it has been confirmed this is one of the new release titles, and it is well anticipated.

The PS3 game Wipeout 2048 is also said to be another release title. The futuristic racing game which we all loved on the console will now be released at the launch, and the game is even said to be compatible with the console. And because it is a vita game it utilizes the front and back touch pads. The back is used for acceleration, and the front is used for firing weapons. All in all it looks like another great title we can look forward to.

One of the original titles which is said to be released is Reality Fighters, in my opinion this is one of the cooler games being released. Now this one will obviously be one of the fighting genre games, however it is not one anyone has experienced before. Unlike games like Street Fighter and Mortal Combat this game uses aspects of reality to ensure your place at the top. The handheld PS Vita is said to utilize its camera and touchscreen to add reality to the game. This is definitely one you want to watch out for.

Another one of the new original titles is Little Deviants, and it is the title which is said to use the rear touch panel to the fullest. This game will show what this new console is capable of. In the game the touch panel can be used to raise the world, which in turn moves your sphere shaped character towards the predetermined goal. The real beauty of this game is it shows how revolutionary the new technology really is. It is one of the first games seen in which the player can actually feel the gameplay. It even is said to give the player a point of reference, so they know where to put their fingers. This new game is filled with mini games and is one you do not want to miss.

A new puzzle game is said to also be released, this is another original title by the name of Smart As. This game is one that console purchasers will want to get. It combines the aspects of a puzzle, with the capabilities of the new console. This is of course a new brain teaser game, but unlike other games in its genre you can compare your score to anyone else's in the world. It is said to include over 20 brain puzzles ranging on subjects like language, logic, arithmetic, and observation.

There are other games of course which haven't even been seen yet. We will just have to wait patiently for the console and all these wonderful games.


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